Emma Watson And Hilary Duff – A Story Of Love And Sex

Emma Watson And Hilary Duff – A Story Of Love And Sex

Emma Watson And Hilary Duff – A Story Of Love And Sex

By Allan Hannah

This story has now bearing on the celebs sexuaility as it is purely fictional and made

for entertaiment purposes only

Characters Emma Watson Aged 17 And Hilary Duff Aged 19

With Haylie Duff Aged 20 And Evanna Lynch Aged 15

Codes FF , Ff and Marriage

It was the night of the Harry Potter and the Order Of The Phoenix premire and all

of the cast was there including the beautiful seventeen year old Emma Watson who

was wearing a long black low cut dress which covered up her black bra rather

nicley. As she greeted fans and signed autographs Emma noticed some big named

celebrities enter the theatre including the nineteen year old actresses and

singer Hilary Duff as well as the entire cast of High School Musical and Buffy The

Vampire Slayer actresses Sarah Michelle Gellar. As it was approching the time for

the movie to start Emma was escourted into the theatre with the rest of the cast

so that the screening can begin.

As the movie finished there was a thunderous appluase as it had excedded all

expectations. As the cast and guests left, they got to their waiting cars to

take them back to the hotel that they were staying at as the after show party

was also being held in the ballroom there. The party was in full swing with talk

about the movie as well as over conversations, Emma was talking to her fellow

cast members until she noticed a girl walk outside and decided to follow her.

As she got out she noticed the girl was wearing a silver full length dress with

matching shoes and bag and was holding a champange glass, Emma walked up to the

girl and quickley relised that it was Hilary Duff and that she just came outside

to get some air, so Emma decided to saty with her and they started to chat.

An hour later Emma and Hilary noticed that more guests where joining them on the

balcony so Hilary suggested that they go to her room for some quiet time, to which

Emma agreed, and they both walked back in and headed to the elevator. As the

elevator stoped on the floor with Hilary’s room the two teenagers got out and

entered the hotel room where Hilary told Emma to make herself more comfortable

while she got something for them to drink. So Emma sat on the nearby sofa and

took off her high heel shoes, Hilary came back with a bottle of wine and some

glasses and also removed her shoes and sat next to Emma and handed her a glass.

As they talked the conversation started with what they will be doing in the

near future, Hilary told Emma that she was just finished filming her new movie

War Inc and that she will be taking sometime off to work on her new music album,

and then asked what Emma would be doing, to which Emma replied that she was

finished promoting the new harry potter movie and that she will be going on

holiday before she started filming the next one. As they drank their wine the

two girls stared at each other with lustfilled glances in their eyes, until it was

Hilary that spoke out.

” Emma have you ever had sex before “.

To which Emma replied no and smiled, Hilary them moved closer to Emma and put

her hand on Emma’s thigh and spoke again.

” Have you kissed another girl before “.

Emma replied no, suddenly Hilary moved in and kissed Emma’s lips, Emma suddenley

let her wine glass slip through her fingers and put her hands on Hilary’s face

and pulled her face back.

” Hilary i don’t think that we should be doing this… i mean i’m not a

lesbian and i did’nt think that you were “. said Emma

” Well i just found out that i liked girls a couple of days ago and when

i saw you tonight in that rather sexy dress i had to kiss those relay

sexy lips of yours ” replied Hilary with a smile.

Hilary then moved back into Emma again for a second kiss, as her lips meet

Emma’s she expectted Emma to once again recoil from her again, but instead

Emma receprcated and put her hands on Hilary’s face as she lost all inhibitions

and let Hilary part her lips with her tounge and began to massage Emma. As they

kissed Emma moved her hand from her side and onto Hilary’s leg as there kissing

intensified, Hilary then stopped kissing Emma’s lips and stood up while holding

Emma’s hands. Emma then stood up and followed Hilary to the bedroom, as they

entered the room the young girls sat on the bed and resumed their kissing while

their hands roamed over each others bodies, Hilary then guided her hands around

Emma’s back and began to undo her dress which fell free and exposed Emma’s black

bra to a transfixed Hilary who was now starting to rub her supple breast’s. As

Hilary rubbed Emma’s breast’s she could feel Emma’s pert nipples get hard and

started to strain through her bra, while this started Emma began to smile as

Hilary began to squeeze her nipples through her bra. Emma soon put her hands around

Hilary’s silver clad body and undone her dress to free her white silk bra, Emma

then looked at Hilary’s 34B cup breast’s and saw her nipples were clearly visable

as she could see them poking out from the bra like her own nipples. The girls

then stood up to allow there dresses to fall to the floor and leave the young

lovers in there underware, Hilary wore a silk thong to match her bra while Emma

wore a black thong along with a suspender belt to hold up her black stockings.

As Hilary smiled she started to guide her fingers down Emma’s legs and undo the

straps that were fastened to her stockings and then removed her suspender belt.

Emma on the other hand had started to kiss Hilary’s red lips while running her

hands through Hilary’s blonde hair, Hilary then removed her lips from Emma’s face

and looked down to see that Emma was starting to remove her silk bra, as she

unfastend her bra clasp Hilary bit her lower lip and as the clasp came off Emma

guided her fingers under the shoulder straps of Hilary’s bra and pulled it off her

smooth arms. With her bra off Emma now felt Hilary’s young braless breast’s her

errect nipples and then began to lick them which almost sent Hilary into an

orgasm, as Emma continued to teaase Hilary’s nipples Hilary looked down at Emma’s

young smooth back and saw her black bra fastner and started to undo it and let it

hang from her arms. As Emma stopped kissing Hilary’s breast and sat up and took

off her black bra to reveal her young 32B breasts, both Hilary and Emma smiled

at each others topless bodies and then lay down on the bed and continued to have

sex. As Hilary lay ontop of Emma she moved down Emma’s sexy body while kissing

her until she came to Emma’s waist where she began to remove her black panties

and began to kiss her youn clean pussy, Emma then put her hands on Hilary’s head

to make sure that she did not stop as she was still a virgin and wanted this so

much. As Emma moaned with every thrust that Hilary made and beads of sweat began

to form on Emma’s brow, Hilary quickend her pace as she felt Emma began to cum.

As Emma’s pussy juices flowed into Hilary’s mouth Emma moved her hands down to

Hilary’s panty clad ass and guided her hand and fingers under the waistband and

began to feel her small firm ass. As Hilary finished eaten out Emma she moved

back up to Emma’s face and kissed her while lying on top of each other and their

breasts pressed against together.

Emma could’nt belive what she was doing, she was topless and kissing Hilary Duff

and thought to herself why did’nt she try this before as it was so amazing as well

as thinking that she could have been a lesbian all this time and not realising it,

but right now she did’nt care as she was enjoying having sex with this gorgeous

teen actresses. Hilary then arched her back so that Emma pulled down her thong,

with the girls now completly naked they started to roll around on the bed while

kissing their lips. Hilary then put her hands on Emma’s shoulders and roamed

her fingers over her silky soft skin as the two lesbian lovers made sexual moans

of pleasure while Emma put her hand in between Hilary’s legs and stick her fingers

into her teenage pussy and massaged ger finger to give Hilary first all girl

orgasm. As Emma began to thrust her fingers into Hilary’s young unexplored pussy

her jucies began to flow and make Emma’s fingers all wet and slippery which made

Emma able to push her fingers in more easily. As Emma’s fingers delved more

deeper into her Hilary threw her head back and gasped as she began to have a

second orgasm at the hands of her gorgeous young lover. Soon Emma removed her

fingers and began to lick them efore she put Hilary’s hand in between her legs to

make her finger her, as Hilary’s fingers guided into Emma’s pussy the two lesbian

lovers once again kissed, with their lips smacking. Emma began to moan with

pleasure as Hilary gave her, her first orgasm, Hilary then took her hand out

between Emma’s legs and put it on her breast and started to play with her nipple

and then gently lay back down onto the bed.

After their sexy kiss on the bed Hilary stared at Emma’s gorgeous petite body and

asked her if she wanted to join her for a shower to which Emma gave a nice smile

and said yes. So the two young naked girls got off the bed and walked into the

bathroom and entered the shower together, as the water soaked the girls bodies,

Emma moved into Hilary and put her hands on her arms and kissed her lips, as they

kissed Hilary ran her leg up and down Emma’s shimmering leg to which Emma began

to smile to the feel of Hilary’s wet leg against hers as well as Hilary’s leg

movement up and down, Emma then ran her fingers through Hilary’s wet blonde hair

and told Hilary that she loved her so much, Hilary responed by kissing her lips

before slipping her tounge in and massaging it and swaping saliva. After their

shower the young lovers dried each others naked bodies and returned to the bedroom

and lay ontop of the cover and began to have sex again. As they rolled on the bed

Hilary put her arm around Emma’s back and began to carese her while their breasts

pressed together and their legs became intertwined. As they kissed Hilary spoke


” Emma “.

Emma replied what as she continued to kiss her lovley pink lips.

” Baby please stay the night ” said Hilary.

Emma removed her lips from Hilary’s and smiled at her and replied.

” Sweetheart i loved to “.

And the girls kissed straight into the night.

The next morning Emma woke up to the warm glow of sunlight on her face, she turned

her head expecting to find Hilary still sleeping but noticed that she was gone,

so Emma pulled the bed sheets off her naked body got out of the bed and put on a

white silk robe which was draped over a chair. As she tied the robe around her

waist her nipples began to poke through the fabric of the gown, Emma then walked

out of the bedroom and saw Hilary wearing a pink robe in the kitchen making


” Hi babe ” Hilary said.

Emma responded by walking into the kitchen and wrapped her arms around Hilary’s

waist and kissed her lips, Hilary reciprocated and then asked her what that was

for to which Emma replied.

” That was for the most amazing time last night “.

And Kissed her again before they sat down and had their breakfast together. After

their breakfast Emma and Hilary got up and walked to the bathroom to have a shower

together, as the water soaked their bodies the two teenage lovers made love under

the water once more time before the girls dried each other off and got dressed for

thier shoppin trip. As they walked down the street Hilary and Emma decided to

go to one of L.A’s top clothes stores, first they headed to the lingere ailse

first where they picked some sexy bra’s, thongs and various other types of

underware and headed to the changing room.

As they got to the changing rooms Emma and Hilary decided to share the same

cubicle so that they can see what each other looked like in the underware as well

as to see each others breasts and pussys again. As Emma took off her clothes

Hilary was sorting out which bra’s to wear until she noticed Emma standing in the

cubicle just wearing her white bra and panties, as Emma put her hands around her

back and began to undo the clasp of her bra Hilary began to take off her black

skirt and white blouse which encased her breasts very tightly to expose her pink

silk bra to a now topless Emma Watson. Emma smiled as she moved closer to Hilary

and removed her bra as they kissed in the public place, as they kissed the girls

sat down on the seat and began to fondle their young pert breasts, after their

kiss Hilary knealt to the floor and began to remove Emma’s knickers and began to

kiss and lick Emma’s young cunt. As Hilary continued to lick Emma, Emma leaned

her head back with every thrust that Hilary made as well as running her fingers

through Hilary’s hair until they were inturpted by a knock on the cubicle door

as the girls stopped their love session the attended on the other side of the

door asked if they required any assistance, Emma hastly side no and that

everything was ok as she and Hilary put their bra’s and knickers back on and then

the rest of their clothes and left the room t pay for their clothes that they had

in the changing room. After their shopping trip Emma and hilaty went to a nearby

coffee house for a drink, as the girls sat down and drank their coffee they moved

their free hands under the table and held each others with a tight embrace while

they moved their legs together and caressed them. After their coffee the girls

picked up their shopping and left to have a walk in the park, as they walked to a

secluded spot the girls then discussed how they will see each other again when

they had to go back home, it was then that Emma took out a small note pad and pen

and wrote down her home address, phone numbers and e-mail address and told Hilary

that she could come and vist her anytime in london, Hilary liked that and worte

down her information for Emma. Before the girls exchanged notes Emma lifted her

note to her lips and kissed it to leave a fresh lipstick imprint of her lips so

that Hilary would remember her always and handed Hilary the note before the girls

left the park and went back to the hotel to have sex. As Emma opened the door to

her suite both she and Hilary threw their shopping on the floor and began to take

their clothes off for a shower, Emma and Hilary began to make love once more again

by kissing their lips, breasts and nipples as well as their legs and waists before

heading to the bedroom without drying off. As their naked bodies began to drip

on the white carpet of the bedroom Emma and Hilary got on the bed and began to

roll about while kissing on thier lips and roamed their hands all over their wet

naked petite bodies. As the wet bed sheets cligned to the their bodies Emma told

Hilary that she loved her with all her heart and wanted to remain her lesbian

lover forever, Hilary smiled back kissed her and said.

” Emma i’m in love with you too and i would love it for you to be my

lover “.

Emma smiled and began to french kiss Hilary’s lips before she pulled the wet

covers over them to continue to have sex together.

The next morning the naked Emma Watson and Hilary Duff woke up to the warm

sunlight shining through the window, Emma turned her head to face Hilary in which

golden brown hair brushed Hilary’s face and gave her a long lingering french kiss,

as their tounges played in each others mouths a trail of saliva began to bridge

the gap between the two lovers lips. As they kissed Emma grasped the bed sheet

and pulled them down before putting her hands on Hilary’s young breast’s, as

Hilary moaned in pleasure she ran her hands on Emma’s thigh which made Emma get

all aroused. As the cold air began to swell around their naked bodies Emma’s

nipples began to harden and errect to which Hilary began to fondle them, as Hilary

played with Emma’s nipples, Emma began to buck to the pleasure that she was

experiencing until she rolled Hilary onto her back and got on top of her and

began to fondle Hilary’s breast’s. As the young Emma continued her thrusting on

Hilary, she began to moan and scream softly followed by a seires of ilegible


” Oh yess……. i love you Emma “.

Emma leaned forward and kissed her.

” I love you to sweetheart “.

And kissed her once more before they fell asleep for the whole day.

The next day Hilary and Emma woke up and kissed each other on the lips lightly

while they held their naked bodies in a tight embrace, Hilary then turned her

head to face Emma’s while she played with Emma’s left breast.

” So how do you feel, now that you are a lesbian like me ” Hilary said.

Emma smiled and kissed Hilary and said.

” I love it and i love you Hilary “.

Emma began to kiss Hilary’s breasts. After Emma stopped kissing Hilary, Hilary

moved to the side of the bed and opened the drawer of the bedside cabinet and

removed a small purple velvet box and turned it to face Emma.

” Emma i know we just meet and you know that i love you more than anyone

right ” said Hilary.

Emma repiled.

” And i love you to and want to spend my life with you “.

Which Emma followed by a kiss on her nose. Hilary then took a deep breath and

opened the small box and spoke.

” Emma Watson i love you more than anything in this world, when i’m with

you i feel safe and complete and to show my devoted affection to our

love “.

Emma gasped as Hilary rotated the small box so that Emma could see it’s contents.

” Emma Watson will you marry me and be my wife “. asked a nervous Hilary.

Emma was shocked by Hilary’s proposal partly becaues both she and Hilary were

still young for marriage, but Emma smiled and looke at the ring in the box before

looking back up to her nervous lover to give her, her answer.

” Yes my love i will marry you “. repiled Emma follwed by a slight giggle,

Hilary smiled.

” You will “.

” Yes “.

” You’ll marry me “.

” Yes i’ll marry you “.

” You’ll be my wife “.

” I’ll be your wife sweetheart “.

And with the proposal over Hilary removed the silver diamond encrusted ring from

the purple box and slipped it on Emma’s wedding ring finger.

” Thank you for makeing me the most happiest girl in the world…. Mrs

Emma Watson Duff “.

” And i thank and love you to Mrs Hilary Duff my beautful wife “.

And soon the couple began to have sex once more but this time not as new found

lovers but as an engaged to be married couple deeply in love.

Later in the day the newley engaged couple got out of their bed and put silk robes

around thier naked bodies and had some lunch. Emma kept looking at the diamond

engagment ring on her finger and smiled back at Hilary who was staring at her with

lust filled eyes. After their lunch Emma and Hilary decided to go out on a

another shopping trip to celebrate thier engagment to one another, so the girls

returned to the bedroom and took off their robes, Emma then put on a pink lace bra

and panties and Hilary put on a white lace bra and knickers. With all thier

clothes on the girls picked up their shoulder bags and left the room. As Emma

and Hilary finished their shopping trip and had dinner at a cafe Hilary asked if

she wanted to go to a fair at her home town of texas, to which Emma smiled at her.

” I loved to go to a fair with you….and maybe we can have some fun

afterwards “. said Emma.

Hilary looked at her with her lustfilled eyes once more.

” Emma were engaged to be married of course we can have fun afterwards “.

said Hilary.

Emma then started to rub her leg up against Hilary’s under the table. The girls

then went back to the hotel and packed their bags and left to go to the airport.

After the plane landed Emma and Hilary checked into a hotel and changed into some

new clothes and left to go to the fair in the park. As they entered the park it

was already in full swing with cry’s of laughter and screams from the rides, as

they walked into the fair nobody payed any notice at who they are as they were all

having fun, so Emma and Hilary held each other’s hands and went to some of the

attractions. As the evening drew on and getting close to dusk it suddenly started

to rain which brought the fair to an end and the people started to leave except

for two young girls, Hilary was holding Emma’s hand and was leading her fiance to

a secluded spot behind some large rocks and bushes and began to kiss her wet lips.

As the rain soaked the girls their clothes began to cling to their bodies until

they took off their jackets and tops, as Hilary took off Emma’s top, Emma’s pink

bra was also wet and that the coldness of the rain had made Emma’s nipples errect

and began to poke through the teen’s bra. As Emma’s bra turned to a see through

pink colour Hilary guided her fingers to the bra clasp and undone the fastner and

took off the wet bra, as Hilary let the bra fall to the ground Hilary then bent

down and began to lick Emma’s breast’s, as Hilary licked the rain water off Emma’s

supple breast’s Emma put her hands on Hilary’s shoulders and began to moan with

pleasure before throwing her head back with every lick that Hilary made.

Hilary then moved to Emma’s errect nipples and began to suck them dry, Emma loved

the feeling of Hilary’s wet lips on her nipples and returned the favour by taking

off Hilary’s wet white bra, to which she then began to fondle her supple 34B

breast’s, and then began to lick and suck Hilary’s nipples as well. After a while

the topless girls began to kiss each other on the lips before passing their

tounges into thier mouths before they put their wet bra’s and tops back on and

went back to the hotel. Emma and Hilary left their wet clothes and underware on

the floor and then got into bed together and kissed before holding their bodies in

a tender embrace.

” You know Hilary, i hope our parents will be happy about us getting

married ” said Emma.

To which Hilary replied

” They have to Emma were there daughters and they’ll want us to be happy ”

and began to franch kiss once more.

” Besides were already in love ” finished Hilary.

A few months later and Emma and Hilary were dressed in white silk dresses holding

bouquets of flowers in front of a large gathering of family and guests in a large

church, both Emma’s and Hilary’s mothers were smiling as the girls exchanged their

wedding vows together and placed wedding rings on their fingers which rested next

to thier engagment rings before kissing as wife and wife and then heading to their

wedding reception. After their dance at the party Emma and Hilary went to change

thier clothes before heading to the airport for their honeymoon, when they came

back down they called their guest’s so they could throw their bouquets to the next

couple who would be next to get married, as the married couple turned their backs

and threw their flowers into the air the guests raised thier hands to catch them

until the flowers found the intended bearers. Emma and Hilary turned round and

saw that Hilary’s bouquet was caught by her sister Haylie while Emma’s was caught

by her harry potter co-star Evanna lynch, Emma and Hilary kissed them both to

congratulate them and walked away. As they walked Haylie and Evanna stared at

each other with the same lustful eyes that Hilary used on Emma and began to walk

to each other, Emma and Hilary then kissed their mother’s goodbye as they headed

for a waiting limo that was taking them to the airport. As the happy couple got

to the entrance the guest’s started to throw confetti in the air before the

wedding photographer took their pictures.

As the limo drove off to the airport the guests did not notice that two people

were missing. Haylie Duff and Evanna Lynch were in the secluded garden at the

back of the church and were kissing each other, as they kissed Haylie started to

remove Evanna’s light blue dress and then proceeded to take off her silver bra to

reveal her small pert young breast’s, Evanna then took off Haylie’s pink dress to

expose supple 34B cup breast’s in a white bra before pulling it down and started

to caresse her nipples before looking back up at Haylie.

” Do you think we will end up like Emma and Hilary ” said the young harry

potter actresses.

Haylie kissed her young lips and responded.

” Who knows…..i mean only time can tell “.

Haylie then kissed her once more, Evanna then unclipped the twenty year olds bra,

before both girls stood up, Haylie then pulled down the fifteen year old’s dress

to the ground and began to caresse her smooth legs as well as kiss them until

she came to Evanna’s knickers. Evanna gasped as she felt Haylie’s lips press

against her black panties until Haylie hooked her fingers under the waistband and

pulled them down to the ground and began to kiss her young pussy, all the while

Evanna was holding Haylie’s head to her virgin pussy and began to rub her fingers

through Haylie’s blonde hair. Haylie then took her hands off Evanna’s legs and

placed them on her own waist were she pulled down the rest of her pink dress and

then pulled off her white thong to a transfixed Evanna who was smiling through

her gasps. The two girls then lay down on the grass with the young Evanna on top

of Haylie who was now massaging Evanna’s young 24A breast’s, Evanna then slipped

her tounge past Haylie’s lips and played with Haylie’s tounge while her smooth

silky leg began to caresse the inside of Haylie’s thigh which Haylie loved the

feel of. As they kissed Evanna’s lips began to get wet from their saliva which

resulted in their lips making smacking sounds, with them kissing Haylie slipped

her hand down their bodies to Evanna’s waist and slipped her finger into Evanna’s

pussy and fingered her to an orgasm which Evanna loved. The girls then heard the

sound of cars starting and relised that the guest’s were leaving, so Evanna and

Haylie put their bra’s, knickers and dresses back on and made their way to

Haylie’s car and got in. As they drove off Evanna put her hand on Haylie’s leg

and smiled.

” Let’s go back to the hotel ” she said smiling seductivley.

To which Haylie replied.

” Just what i was thinking “.

And then put her hand on top of Evanna’s.

The End

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