Emma’s Adventures 2: Seducing Dad

Emma’s Adventures 2: Seducing Dad

Story: Emma’s Adventures 2: Seducing Dad

Author: Tricksterson

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Celeb: Emma Watson

Story codes: MF, cons, exhib, inc, oral, voyeur

Notes: There is no Emma’s Adventures 1. The reason is that the story starting off this series was in my Tales of the CoF series, specifically Tales of the CoF 5 and is titled Emma’s Posse 1 because that’s what I was originally going to call it. Sorry for the confusion. Btw, Tales of the CoF 2 and 5 are both germaine to this story but it’s not necessary for you to read them. Still they contain hot sex involving Emma and, in #5, both Emma and Rachel Hurd Wood, so you might want to read them anyway.

Emma is 17.

Disclaimer: This is a fantasy. I do not for a minute think that Emma and her father enjoy carnal relations and no disrespect is meant to either of them. On the other hand Emma, if you’re reading this and are looking for a father figure, my number is…just kidding. Kinda.

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