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Emma Watson Porn Story: Could be Love IV

Emma Watson Porn Story: Could be Love IV

Could Be Love IV
By Emily and Nicola

Life was sweet for Alexa Vega and Emma Watson; the Batman movie they starred in together was a success. Emma had just completed a Harry Potter movie and was being offered five million dollars to star in the new Quentin Tarantino movie. Alexa was also receiving offers to star in movies. Their personal lives were also on the up; they had just celebrated their first anniversary. Alexa was staying with Emma in her London penthouse. It was three a.m. when they entered the penthouse; they had just spent the night in some of London’s popular nightclubs. Daniel Radclife, who played the title role of Harry Potter, joined them. He knew about the relationship between Emma and Alexa and he didn’t tell anyone since he was a loyal friend to Emma. This touched Alexa as a reward both girls offered to give him a blowjob, he refused since he was already in a strong loving relationship. Alexa carried Emma into the house and threw her on Emma’s king size bed. “Hey, how you’re doing sweetie?” asked Emma in a drunken daze. “Good, thanks for tonight.” Replied Alexa. Emma said, “You know perfectly well the night isn’t over.” With that remark Emma got out of her trousers and her tank top, she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Alexa smiled at her “Let’s go.” Continue reading

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Emma Watson Porn Story: Tales Of The CoF II: Teacher Teach Me

Emma Watson Porn Story: Tales Of The CoF II: Teacher Teach Me

Note: The Church of Fucking, to the best of my knowledge is an entirely fictional organization. Any resemblance to any real organizations, secret or public is completely coincidental Nor is any insult or threat meant towards Miss Watson. This is a fantasy. If you can’t figure that out on your own, get professional help
codes: Mf, oral, first, cons

Any feedback will be more than welcome, please send to [email protected]

Emma Watson’s first thought when she met her new tutor had been that she’d traded up.

Emma had first taken serious notice of boys about a year ago but between her work schedule and some overprotectiveness on her father’s part she never got to meet any except on the movie set. Of course Daniel, Tom and even Rupert were all cute and certainly they got along as friends but, if anything, she saw *too* much of them. They were more like brothers than boyfriend material. Besides, at the risk of sounding like Hermione they were *boys* which meant they were several kilometers behind her in the maturity department. And in Daniel’s case she wasn’t even sure he *liked* girls. Continue reading

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Emma Watson Porn Story: Priceless Treasures

Emma Watson Porn Story: Priceless Treasures

Priceless Treasures

By Dragon333

Celebs: Emma Watson

Codes: Mf, cons

March 13th, 2006

Disclaimber: this story is pure fiction. Made for entertainment purposes only. If you are offended by stories with sex with fresh possible virgin girls, or sex in general, then read no further.

A young adult man named Lowell was sitting down with his friend Jessica Biel. Jessica was talking to him about her problems, and Lowell being the good friend that he was listened and helped her out and didnt accuse her of whining. Soon enough, Lowell found out that Jessica Biel had friends with benefits. Excited knowing that one of his closest friends, Jessica Biel, was a friends with benefit type, with no worrying about screwing up a relationship, no worries about breaking up, and no troubles he would have in a actual relationship, he was quick to make a move and try to add himself on her list to friends with benefits. Unfortunately, her response had shut him down.

Lowell, I like you as a friend. And youre a really good friend. But youre one of my platonic friends. Whenever I need someone to talk to about my problems, or just chill, Ill call you and hang out with you. Whenever I want someone to have sex with, Ill call up a friend with benefits and have sex with him. Jessica explained to him. Well, I hope we can still be friends. Lowell suddenly felt cheated the whole time he was being friends with Jessica. He felt it couldnt hurt any worse to let her know how he felt.

So all of your OTHER friends are going to get to suck those damn tits? Everyone of your other friends are gonna get to fuck you, have fun with you without putting up with the shit that someone would have to do in a relationship? Everyone else gets the good things you have to offer. What do I get out of being your friend?

Im a good person to talk to. Jessica Biel said attempting to make herself seem good for something besides sex.

News flash, Jessica! I can TALK to my guy friends! And I can even talk to MYSELF if I wanted to. Its not fair to me if I stayed with you. Lowell said as he walked away from her.

Jessica called him everyday at his house and on his cell phone and for a whole week Lowell never returned her calls.

Continue reading

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